Besuch des Simunye Day Care Centres im Dezember 2018

Simone Becker schrieb am Weihnachtstag nach ihrem Treffen mit der Projektmanagerin vor Ort Colleen Jooste und den Lehrerinnen am 24.12.2018: „Today I have experienced Simunye as such a happy and cozy place. I am so grateful that the work and effort of all of us combined has such a longlasting impact for the children. It was so special to have spent this Christmas together here at the Simunye Day Care Centre.“

Claudia Widmaier, ebenfalls Vorstandsmitglied, schrieb über diesen Tag an die Mitglieder des Simunye Boards Südafrika:
„Dear Colleen, Luisa and all others. Today has been a very special day. Not only because of Christmas, but even more so because we got to meet you, the staff, as well as got to see the beautiful development of the kindergarden. Myself and my Family are very thankful for your time, your preparation as well as all planning, just everything! I was very touched to see and greet the girls from the kindergarden and that we could share many memories as well as the news. I am so proud to be a small part of the Simunye community. Keep up all this good work and have a blessed Christmas.“

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