Die neue Projektmanagerin Coleen Jooste erzählt:

„I have received notification of the montly donatios from Germany, but now that we are on the internet banking I have to get our treasurer Tobby to accept the donation via the banking procedures. At this stage I CAN ONLY THANK YOU VERY MUCH not knowing what you have sent.

This term has been busy as usual. The main activity that the children really enjoyed was our outing to Bubble Jungle. We went on 2 trips taking the older class first then the young ones. We have 64 children on our books, but very seldom have 60 at a time.

We have had some really good donations as in educational toys, and clothing for the children. We have  even received adult clothes and household goods. Most of this has come via Monica from the Co Workers of Mother Teresa group. We also get tinned fish, beef, and vegetables on a regular basis from them, as well as other available food like rice, salt etc.

We have kept our monthly school fees at R100 per month, and are only accepting children that are 2 yrs to 5 years old and out of nappies.

We have not heard anything from the cell phone groups who were hoping to put a tower in the corner of our property. I hope and pray that it will still be built as it would bring in a few thousand rand rental per month.

The sewerage seems to have been rerouted, but I must clarify with the Municipality when I can get hold of them.

We are still receiving cool drink, peanut butter and fortified porridge from Cotlands. Patricia also organised Tommy Tackies for the children. The two teachers also went on a course at Cotlands head quarters.

The committee will be having our last meeting of the year 2015 on 23 September.

Kind Regards to you all.

Coleen Jooste“

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